Vishuddha – the throat Chakra

A very loyal member of my classes said to me the other day “I was thinking to myself this morning as I dragged myself to me car to come to class, why do I go when I could just stick a DVD in or YouTube on and do Yoga by myself?” I laughed, we’ve all been there! It’s cold, I have a cold, it’s hot, I don’t feel so hot…..Sometimes, it really is best to rest and save your ‘Yoga’ – that is, the physical Asana – to another day. Then she said “but as we sat here, in the circle, listening to you guide us into meditation it came to me: I come here for this. To share in the energy of all these people. It magnifies it, doesn’t it?” And with that breathtaking observation, off she went.

She’s right, of course. A guided class will not only help you reach ‘better’ alignment in the postures, but most importantly, it’ll help you reach deeper alignment within your Self. There is a place for lone practice, of course, and that in itself brings benefits. The energy generated within a group Yoga class, though, no matter where it’s held, will help soften your edges, reconnect you to all there is and bring about a deeper sense of belonging. It’s a communion and a communication.

Perfect that my friend should get me thinking about this, then, on the week when I’m focused on the Throat Chakra. Vishuddha is all about how we communicate with others. Its element is ether, so it’s rather more than just verbal communication, it’s about being a part of all there is, what we take in from the world (think food, water, the air we breathe). It’s also a very creative energy, this throat centre, because the words we form create the world we experience. Think of it this way: you’re in a grump, someone says something borderline insulting, you lose your temper, things get worse. OR: you’re feeling ok, someone says something borderline insulting, you stick up for yourself, politely but firmly, things improve. Simplified, yes, but true.

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So you’re in your Yoga class, you’re breathing mindfully, you’re slowing down your body, you’re engaging fully with what you’re doing and where you are. You relax. The vibe you give off starts to alter. This, in turn, starts to alter the vibe of the room. This, in turn, starts to affect those around you, who are also vibing better. The mix of that is a beautiful thing to behold. I consider myself particularly blessed to watch it unfurl on a regular basis, as I’m teaching seven or eight classes a week. Not only are you recalibrating your body in a Yoga class, but you’re helping recalibrate everyone else’s. In fact, you’re helping recalibrate the whole world! Like the butterfly effect, only better, because it’s deliberate and intended as all the purest acts of positive change are.

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The colour of the throat chakra is blue, like the sky. Imagine the sky for a moment. It’s vastness, it’s expanse, the openess of it. It holds the entire universe. It holds the vibration of the Big Bang, the planets, the stars, the elements, gases and particles which form life. It holds light. It holds the space between all those things. Which holds potential. So when I say it holds the entire universe, I mean, really, the entire universe! It’s a fabulous thought, isn’t it? And that’s the potential of your throat chakra! You hold a mini sky within you, connected to the rest of the universe by your voice. How you deal with others, your interactions, the vibe you give off, the way you hear the words they speak, that’s all part of that energy and you can choose to take that in any given direction you choose.

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Try this:

Humming bee breath – a bit nuts at first, but it really works!

Great for: improving the strength of your voice, (think ‘speak up’), the tone of your voice, the strength of your throat, clearing negativity from the throat and neck, easing anxiety and stress:

  1. Sit somewhere comfy and alone (if you want to go public, that’s up to you, but read through to steps 2-4 before you decide…)
  2. Put your fingers in your ears – push the cartlidge between your face and ear inwards
  3. Inhale
  4. As you exhale, hummmmmmmmm to yourself
  5. Repeat three timesImage result for humming bee breath

Author: Yoga For All

Hi, I'm Jo. I left teaching in primary schools to follow my passion: teaching yoga and leading a more balanced, peaceful life! I believe Yoga really is for everybody! No matter what your age, physical ability or background there are simple ways to incorporate yogic principles into your hectic lifestyle and achieve more inner peace.

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